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About Robert Boerner

Robert Boerner

When Robert Boerner graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in electrical engineering, a job in the Sierra Nevada mountains as a ski lift electrician looked like a great gig for a man just out of college. During those years, he learned the value of challenging jobs, working in harsh environments, and earning the trust of his co-workers.

Returning to San Diego, Robert mastered the business of private mortgage lending and founded a successful brokerage and real estate company. He enjoys a hard day’s work and the positive feedback it elicits from clients and colleagues more than any paycheck. He’s a real estate photographer, too — not just for his own listings but other agents as well. It’s a great way to network with other real estate professionals and keep current with the local market.

Robert’s prime motivation is simple and serves him well: bring his clients to a better place than they were before they met him. With that focus, everything else falls into place. While all clients are special, Robert really enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with first-time buyers, who find everything about purchasing a home new and exciting.

Robert is grateful for the numerous and unanimous five-star reviews he’s earned from past clients — buyers and sellers alike — which frequently mention how fluently he navigates real estate transaction processes. Known for high responsiveness and availability, he provides clients with deep comfort and confidence through a traditionally stressful time. Ever the professional, Robert is commonly referred to as detail oriented, ethical, relaxed, and “extremely accommodating,” easing clients with the genuine sentiment that Robert always holds his clients’ best interests at heart.

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